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Naxos is exceptionally known for its rich production of fruits and vegetables, potatoes , cheese and every sort of meat. The ‘yraviera’ (γραβιέρα) , ‘kefalotyri’ (‘κεφαλοτυρι’) and ‘xinomizithra’ (‘ξινομυζήθρα’) our visitors taste on their special traditional dishes are the principal productions of Naxos. For an unforgettable, mouthwatering local dinner, you can have ‘saganaki’ ( yraviera/kefalotyri fried with honey) , ‘rosto’ (pork meat in a tomato sauce) , or lamb chops.

Visitors can reach a number of superb traditional taverns and restaurants on a 10 minute walk from the hotel , on the way to the main square. Menu με νου restaurant on Saint George Beach provides a great variety of traditional dishes with products of their own lovely farm. Delicious, super fresh and authentic products make special meals for every interest (vegan, and vegetarian). Noteworthy is that Menu με νου combines folk live music , dance and food, as its owners are organizing special greek nights with lute and violin! Another interesting restaurant closer to the hotel is the “ Elliniko” restaurant where you can also have exquisitely traditional dishes (cooked in a pot dishes or grilled meat). As fresh fish is concerned, Sarris restaurant can offer you the best fish you have ever tried before. The ‘’Doukato’’ restaurant is another excellent choice for an enjoyable dinner within a short ,pretty alley in the old town.

Through the beautiful villages of the island, visitors can spot some pretty taverns which can give them great satisfaction. An exceptional tavern for local meat dishes is ‘Giorgis’ (“ O Γιώργης’) on Melanes with a breathtaking view of the rich, green valleys of the village. Traversing the route through the mountains , and reaching to the ‘heart’ of Naxos , Filoti is welcoming visitors with an impressive palm tree , called ‘ Platanos’ , as the beautiful café- restaurant does. Platanos serves a variety of salty and sweet choices, drinks and unique cooked meals.

Then , exquisite small local taverns are blooming over Aperanthos village which reflect a sense of warmth, hospitality, and authenticity. Here, visitors taste some of the most fresh and delicious local dishes with Naxian cheese , and lamb meat of their own production. Some of these taverns can be Amorginos and Platanos. On your way back to the town, you can make a stop in Kinidaros village. A beautiful mountainous village with short ,picturesque alleys , stone-built , archaic houses and lots of colorful plants and flowers. If you haven’t had your lunch yet, you should definitely pay a visit “Στου Βασιλαρακιού” ( Vasilarakiou’) tavern where the family of the restaurant serves you mouth-watering lamb chops, burger and pork steak just from their own butcher shop.




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