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Lounge bar – cafe

Lounge bar – cafe

Price: Free

There is nothing better than a cocktail on a stunning rooftop viewing the port. The Temple of Apollo, called Portara, looming over the town and the outstanding sunset are featuring a magical and colorful “picture”. So, where can you go to enjoy this beautiful moment?

The Swing cocktail bar can offer you this extraordinary experience. Innovative design and décor , homemade cocktails and drinks , lovely staff and a small, pretty rooftop and an interesting, European playlist…is captivating. Close to it, you can find Toro, an awesome boho-designed bar for a cocktail or even for midnight entertainment. What’s more, a pretty bar in the old town with two rooftops viewing the stone-built towers of the venetian Castle from one side, and the port with its beautiful yachts, and fishing boats on the other side is the LikeHome bar.

If you don’t like the bustling places , you can enjoy your cocktail alongside the beaches of Saint Anna or Plaka. A couple of stunning ,exotic places or beach bars are offering our visitors a relaxing night within a melodic jazz ambience. The Island bar on Saint Anna is located along the coastline of Saint Anna port.  The atmosphere displays an aura of calm ,island romance and serenity. On your way to Plaka, you can see Caya , Yazzo , or Cedar bars within beautiful , exquisitely green , traditional atmosphere.




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