Naxos Villages:

Which villages should we visit on Naxos? Filoti , a mountainous traditional village, is one of the most beautiful villages of Naxos. Its picturesque alleys, its valleys filled with lush vegetation and its central ,big tree known as “ Platanos” attract every visitor. The imposing churches of the village are also captivating. A number of small traditional taverns could offer you a taste of Naxian kitchen.
Apiranthos , a mountainous ,picturesque village is worth visiting. There are four archeological museums which give the visitors the opportunity to discover the history and the culture of the island. What’s more , some small old stores with handmade souvenirs and crewels made by the women of the village are on the small picturesque alley. As far as the local food is concerned , there is a number of traditional taverns where you could taste fresh fish , local meat and other traditional meals enjoying the breathtaking view .
Chalki is a small, beautiful , traditional village which is located near to Filoti. A small old town with picturesque old stores surrounded by imposing , colorful trees and flowers catch the attention of every visitor. And if you visit Chalki do not forget to taste our traditional sweets .
What is also worth visiting on Naxos is Routsouna’s waterfall , some kilometers away from Keramoti village which is a small mountainous village . Kinidaros is a mountainous, traditional , beautiful village offering the visitors spectacular verdant sceneries ,as they walk through its picturesque alleys.