Naxos archaeological:

Naxos is a lovely island with a rich history that also goes back in Greek mythology. Its archaeological findings prove that Naxos is an important center of civilization. Naxos has a large range of archaeological sites, monuments, museums and imposing temples which would definitely fascinate those who are interested in visiting archaeological places and discovering new cultures.
Arriving at our island, you would notice the imposing Portara, the entrance to the unfinished Temple of Apollo, which is the symbol of Naxos. “Portara” or “Temple of Apollo” was erected in 530 BC and is made from three massive marble columns. The breathtaking view from Portara at the sunset time would offer you a wonderful picture of a colorful landscape and a sense of piece and quiet. What you could also see from Portara is our impressive Castle which is looming in Chora. The Castle of Naxos, which was built by the Venetian Markos II Sanoudos, was not only a residential area, but also the administrative, educational and religious centre for the Venetian conquerors. Wandering around the picturesque valleys in the Castle you would see its archaeological museums which could enlighten you with the history of Naxos. In the centre of the castle settlement there is a square with the Catholic Cathedral. Exhibitions and musical evenings are held here, and many among those artists who exhibit are from Naxos. In the alleyways of the castle area, there are all kinds of shops, cafes and taverns.
Another imposing temple that you should really visit is The Dimitra Temple on Sagri. Before you go up to the temple there is a board giving some information and then a rather lovely path leads up to the temple itself. Dimitra was the goddess of crop fertility and it was she whom people here began to worship and to ask her help in the farming of this rich and fertile region. That imposing temple was built in around 530 BBC, in this special place which offer you a magical view especially late afternoon or early in the morning. What is also worth visiting on Sagri is the Bazeous Tower, “Pyrgos Bazeou” , a cultural centre which hosts a Naxos Festival and puts on concerts , theatre , live performance and exhibitions in the summer months.
Moreover, you could go on Melanes where you would see the Kouros , which is a marble statue of a naked male lying under an oak tree . On Apollon there is the Kouros of Dionysos, a 10.5 metre long monolithic sculpture lying where he was sprung from the rock approximately 2.500 years ago. Both the Kouros on Melanes and the Kouros on Apollon are well –known tourist destinations.
I would also recommend you to visit the Pottery Workshop in Damalas village, where Manolis Limbertas , an artist from Naxos, throws vases and pots of the red cay which is from Naxos . He has a large range of unique things for sale in reasonable prices. Furthermore, wandering around the village you would see an old olive press museum.